About the Book

In creating the R.I.S.E. Mindset™ framework, I’ve drawn on my twenty years of experience to share with small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) simple ways to ensure their business not only survives this challenging period but that it also rises to become more effective than ever.

With challenging problems come opportunities. You can choose to react during a crisis period and feel stressed, worried, and depressed, OR you can choose to respond by stepping back, reflecting, and identifying how to create greater value for your customers and your community. Well-planned actions not only enable you to weather a crisis but also empower your business and you to rise higher.


Areas of Expertise:

Casey Ang

  • Creating Effective Operating System to Run Profitable Business.
  • Inspiring People to Perform Up to Their Fullest Potential.
  • Managing Organizational Change through R.I.S.E. Mindset™ model.
  • Improving Productivity Through Process Digitalization.
  • Inspiring Happy Organizational Culture for High Performance


Casey Ang

Success in entrepreneurship is not only measured by the market size, revenue, and profit achieved in the business but also being able to live a happy, well-balanced, and healthy lifestyles. As well as having the heart to serve the world, brings happiness, and support to those who need it.

Together We Can Make The World Better through sincere caring, loving, respecting the differences and supporting each other at all times.





After the consultation session, we not only seen an improvement of 42% in our process cycle time, we have also identified a process improvement that will enable us to increase an additional 30% capacity! We would highly recommend Mr Casey and his capable team on providing guidance and assistance for any companies which need professional consultation and company transformation. "

Darren Ooi, Managing Director TLC Houseware

"While Casey is an organizational excellence coach, he is also good at people management. He always believes that both consistency and the human factor is important in management, this makes him a great consultant, and I really get inspiration from him."

Mr Mah, Managing Director, Wellings Pharmacy

Casey is reliable, dedicated, and responsible. In the past one year, with his consultation, my company has experienced such huge changes and growth. He has helped us to implement an effectively operating system. The changes and improvement have made our company more efficient and improved our profitability. I would rank him as one of the best consultants we have ever had."

Richard Lee, CEO Weng Xheng Trading