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Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH, Inc.)

Sound Practitioner, specialized in Crystal Singing Bowl and Tibetan Singing Bowl, Nutritionist

Kim, born in Penang. Being passionate in connecting with people and seeing client’s life improvement in achieving their goal and embracing one’s emotion is her career satisfaction. Her vision, is to see people master the skill of self-hypnosis as a mind recovery tool which she thinks, that is the life skill that everyone must know, as common as driving skill which everyone should master.


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Crystal Singing Bowl Breathwork


People often finds it difficult to bring themselves to present moment as our thoughts keep running back and forth to past and present moments. But wait, why it is so important to bring thoughts to the present moment?

Each day, a normal human has 60,000 thoughts daily. Have you ever wondered? Is it a good or bad one? According to research, most of our thoughts dwell in the past experience. By only brining ourselves to present moment, we are able to notice our thoughts, whether it’s beneficial to us.

As we know, thoughts generate action, by becoming aware of our thoughts, we know whether current thought serve any purpose to our life and of course we will get to know ourselves in depth simply just through breathwork.

You will be guided with 7 types of breathwork together with rhythms of crystal singing bowls.

Abdominal breathwork

Deep breathing is a key to breaking the vicious cycle of fight-or-flight. As soon as we shift from shallow chest breathing to deep abdominal breathing, we send our bodies a signal that the danger has passed. The sympathetic nervous system, which governs the entire fight-or-flight response, with all its attendant stress hormones, is quieted. All of the physical manifestations of stress-cardiovascular, hormonal, immune and muscular begin to normalize.


Gratitude Breathwork


Essentially everything in the universe is energy vibrating at a certain frequency- and that includes our thoughts that produce emotions. Whatever thoughts we choose they vibrate at a certain frequency that is drawn to and attracts the same frequency. Gratitude is believed to one of highest vibrating energy which is crucial to switch current energy field to one that is more harmonizing with this universe in order to attract the positive outcome that we want in life.


Earthy Element Journey Breathwork


Earth energy is by its nature grounded and solid. It is detail oriented, ideal for detail-oriented tasks. Earth can be useful to center and relax if you find yourself feeling scattered or in a state where it’s difficult to focus. For this exercise, you’ll be utilizing the earth tone from our system and developing the connection with one’s physical body.


Water Energy Journey Breathwork


Water energy can be very useful in our lives when we are feeling stuck or tense. It is the great fluid energy that allows us to calmly maneuver past obstacles. Water can also be used to stimulate creativity and imagination. Water also assists with the free flow and expression of emotions. Water always wants to flow, and the nature of water is to follow the path of least resistance.


Fire energy Journey Breathwork


Fire energy can be very important when we need to accomplish a physial task or if we are feeling tired. Fire contributes to energized motivation, personal power and directness of expression.

Air energy Journey Breathwork


Air can aid mental focus and clarity of thought as well as verbal expression and intellectual pursuits. Air can also contribute to lightness of being and a sense of uplifting expansion. Think of an eagle in flight as it gently and effortlessly soars on the wind currents.


Ether energy Journey Breathwork


The benefits of generating ether energy may be the most elusive to define, but they could well be the most expansively useful. Ether can contribute to an expansion of your awareness, to a more mystical state of being with an enhances connection with all creation. When you expand your consciousness above and beyond a narrow focus on daily problems and concerns, you might find that these issues begin to diminish. Ether can also foster connections with the highest and deepest sources of inspiration and enlightenment.



Self-Hypnosis Skill


Hypnosis is a process of entering into subconscious mind where emotion, habits, belief, values and protective reactions are being stored here and allow us to communicate with our own mind. Our brain is very powerful if we know the way to program it, and believe it or not, it just works as the way we want. If we want to be calm, introduce it with the correct hypnotic language and our mind would be that obedient, emotionally be peaceful just at that or even excited if you were in public speaking.


And I could say, Self-Hypnosis it’s a tool that a person must learn to own the ability for mental recovery. Just like our physical body, we have our own immune system, fighting against virus and bacteria. We need one mind-immune-system which enables emotion recovery. Or we can put it into this way, being emotional healthy is not just being positive but we know how to recover when sometimes we are down or upset and know the way to switch emotions in between. And, self-hypnosis is your mind remote control.


In R.I.S.E Mindset™, you will get to master Self-Hypnosis skill by Certified Consulting Hypnotist and one session of Goal Setting Hypnosis session to incorporate visualized goal into your subconscious mind.


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