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Casey Ang

I am Casey Ang and I help entrepreneurs to achieve success in business while giving you a roadmap towards living a life of fulfilment.

I can help you and your organization in three ways:

  1. R.I.S.E. Mindset™ Coaching For Business Excellence Program
  2. Keynote Speech
  3. Online Learning




In R.I.S.E. Mindset ™ Coaching for Business Excellence Program we focus on:

Uplifting the Business Performance through embracing R.I.S.E. Mindset™

The approach of Uplifting the Business Performance through embracing R.I.S.E. Mindset ™ will empowers and gets you ready to lead your business to the next level of performance in a systematic, simple, and effective way.


Embracing R.I.S.E. Mindset™ – Journey Towards Happy Organization With BIG Business Results

The business world has changed. Companies faced challenges in improving the Speed, Cost, Quality of Products & Services, Productivity, and the Effectiveness of running daily operational activities. Organizations do not have the luxury of resources and times to wait for this to happen gradually.

People working in the organization are facing increasing pressure and stress to cope up with the demand from the customers as well as the burden of works that they must accomplished daily. To a certain extent, people are busy physically and melting down internally feeling tired and exhausted.

During this challenging period, Casey Ang shares a powerful R.I.S.E. Mindset™ framework that effectively helps people in the organization to tap into their own unlimited potential and draws the strengths inside out. People feel energized, empowered, and find that they can accomplished more with least efforts if they understand the R.I.S.E. Mindset™ formula.

Casey Ang created a practical, simple, and effective way to uplift the productivity and performance of the business within short period of time.

This keynote is especially relevant for organization who is looking for a new way, a new thinking, and has a desire to create a happy, healthy, and productive culture within the company.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective tools to embark on Journey Towards Happy Organization With BIG Business Results.
  • Embracing R.I.S.E. Mindset™ for success in business towards a life of empowerment.
  • Double the productivity & effectiveness.


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